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Victoria is filled with adventurers and adventures for your palate. 

Let us take you on a taste journey at Bobby's

Open Weds - Sat from 4pm

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Two Wine Cups


With wines from all corners of Victoria, and close by, at Bobby's it's all about a bottle or glass of something new, interesting or a tipple you might already love. 

Relax in the stunning surroundings, perch at the bar or canoodle on the lounge and share a drink or two. 



Sourced from across Victoria, with an occasional extra thrown in, you'll find a range of hand crafted artisan spirits.  Made by some of the industry's best known names, and a few mavericks thrown you've never heard of, we can promise you always find a surprise or two at Bobby's



Apart from a Melbourne Bitter, which was Bobby's drink of choice, our selection of craft beer will entice even the most fussy of beer drinkers.  There are a few standards partnered with new things we find across the state, from the north west to  the south east. 

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