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On July 14 1789, The Bastille was stormed and the French celebrate this every year. 

Following the success of 'French Week' in Vesta x Jigs, we are bringing back the menu in honour of those who celebrate the Victory of the people of Paris.  Limited seats available 




From a wedding to a wake, we can cater onsite or offsite for a variety of events.  We have hosted an 18th and an 80th, lunches and dinners or even a work breakfast. 

With seated events up to 40, or standing functions using both indoor and outdoor spaces, every event is a bespoke opportunity designed with your needs in mind. 

Or let us cater in your event space, your office or your home. 

email or download here 

Marble Surface

Makers Dinners

On the last Wednesday of every month, we invite some culinary adventurers to share their stories with you. Whether they farm, forage, make or manufacture, our Maker's Dinners allow us to showcase the extraordinary food, produce, wine and more from every corner of our state. 

Book via the link below 

May 31 - Seafood and Sierra - Ash Bros seafood & winemaker to be advised  SOLD OUT

June 28 - Winter Warmers - Truffles and more with wine maker Rob Dolan (Yarra Valley) SOLD OUT

July 26 - Christmas in July - get festive with winemaker Callie Jameson - Selling Fast 

August 29 - Lamb & Nebbiolo - Selling Now 

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